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Our PMU artists are skilled professionals apply long lasting make-up designed to flatter beautifully and fade naturally over time

permanent makeup


Permant Make Up Artistry since Nov 1998

Our PMU artists are skilled professionals apply long lasting make-up designed to flatter beautifully and fade naturally over time

“Permanent makeup sets you FREE. It does not mean you can’t darken your brows or change your lip color. It means you won’t have to! Instead of applying make up every morning and touching it up throughout the day, permanent makeup allows you the time to do what you love!” Cheryl Anne Founder Mi Che Permanent Cosmetics Nov 1998

To date there are over 4000 recognized skin tones and 76 shades of hair color. Our proprietary method of color selection identifies the tone and undertone of your hair, skin, eyes and lips and accurately determine your color matched palette. One that blends beautifully, is long lasting and fades subtly. 

Renual’s PMU Artists are first accomplished professional Make up Artists. Designing brow shape, enhancing lip definition, camouflaging scars and recreating hair strokes can not be mastered after a weekend or online course.

Our design technique enhances and corrects facial features for balance, symmetry and youthfulness. Equally important our PMU Artistsalso know to align your PMU with your personal style.

Lastly styles and trends in makeup are ever changing and features change with age. We will gently guide you to select colors and styles that transition well with trends and the passage of time.

Permanent Make-Up:

Powder Brows 

Powder Brows are preferred! A small amount of pigment is gently placed at the root of the brow for a softly shaded, long lasting and natural look. Powder brows are the least traumatic, most permanent of all of the brow enhancement techniques. 

Hair Stroke Brows 

We’ve eliminated Micro-Blading from the service menu. Hair Stroke Brows simulates realistic hair strokes using a quick, safe, comfortable rotary tattoo machine. The benefits of our technique over Micro-Blading:

  • The gentler technique minimizes trauma and scarring
  • Strokes look natural and heal accurately 
  • Healing is quicker/easier
  • Color retention lasts longer
  • Fewer touch ups
  • Strokes heal crisper
  • It’s ideal for a wider-range of skin types

Combo Brows 

Combo Brows is a specialized treatment series which combines Hair Strokes and Powder Shading. Typically Hair Strokes are applied closer to the nose bridge and gently transition to shading near and past the arch.

Eye Liner 

Eye Liner gives the look of a softeye pencil. Color is applied above the lash line on the upper or lower lid or both. Eyeliner will make the eyes appear larger and brighter. Adding Lash Enhancement makes eyelashes look thicker. 

Lash Enhancement

The most natural way to define the eyes and fill in sparse lashes. Color is only applied on the lash line. Lash Enhancement can be added to Eye Liner for a more dramatic effect.

Lip Neutralization 

Lip Neutralization is a specialized treatment series for those with cool or dark lips. We deposit a contrasting color which cancels out the undesirable color for soft, youthful desirable, kissable lips. 

Lip Correction

Lip Correction is a specialized treatment series which restore the lip border, augment the lip size and correct irregularities in the lips caused by scars and aging. 

Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a semi permanent tattoo which enhances the color, shape and fullness of your lips.



Aging can cause the area around the nipple to shrink and color may nearly disappear. Areolas can be enhanced or neutralized similarly to the lip procedures above.

Aereola Reconstruction 

An areola tattoo can be done after breast and nipple reconstruction surgery. Please wait at least 3 months in order to give your skin adequate time to heal

Scar Camouflage 

Surgery and injuries can leave behind dark scars or remove pigment altogether. Scar Camouflage is a specialized treatment series which replaces missing color. Pigment is implanted over white and silvery scars, or Stretch Marks for a healthy looking, uninterrupted, even complexion.

Alternately, Dark Scars 

are best treated with Renual Medspa’s Advanced Aesthetic Technologies. Red and purple stretch marks can be lightened or removed permanently with Aerolase Laser. Raised or depressed scars can be resurfaced with Morpheus8 and Opus Plasma treatments.

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