Massage therapy
‍Healing Therapy

Renual MedSpa is excited to announce that we now offer a variety of massage therapies to help our clients achieve total relaxation and rejuvenation. Our skilled massage therapists use a combination of techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massages to target specific problem areas and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalize.


Massage Therapies

Swedish Massage

1 Hour $105 90 Minutes $135 2 Hours $215


This classical European technique of manipulating muscles with aromatic

massage oils is both relaxing and invigorating. Soothes the soul, calms the

mind, boosts lymphatic, circulatory and muscular functioning.


Deep Tissue

1 Hour $115 90 Minutes $150 2 Hours $240


Using warmed oils and deep pressure massage movements, we massage

deep into the belly of the muscle, erasing stress, tension and lactic acid

build up.


Hot Stone

1 Hour $115 90 Minutes $145 2 Hours $240


This deeply restorative massage will leave you feeling energized,

recharged and ready for the demands of modern life. Warm Basalt stones

are bathed in personally selected aromatics to contour the body, diffuse

negative energy, reduce stress, and alleviate muscle tension, completed by

a re-energizing face and scalp massage for a truly uplifting experience.


Therapeutic Massage

1 Hour $115 90 Minutes $145 2 Hours $240


Therapeutic massage restores balance to frazzled nerves,

reduces stress, relieves pain and increases feelings of calm and

well-being. It’s a form of alternative healing achieved through a

combination of kneading, friction, heated stones, lymphatic

drainage and passive stretching.


Lymphatic Drainage

1 Hour $105 90 Minutes $135


This light, rhythmic massage stimulates detoxification and increases

circulation while moving the flow of fluid though the lymphatic system. This

service requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting,

comfortable clothing.


‍Sports Rehab/Conditioning

1 Hour $150 90 minutes $225


Our approach reduces tension in your muscles and moves lactic acid out of

your muscle tissue. It is a full body massage with assisted stretching,

percussive therapy, advanced friction, scraping and deep pressure

movements targeted to address your specific area of need. This service

requires you to be clothed, so please arrive wearing loose-fitting,

comfortable clothing.


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